Why Join HISCI?

Join HISCI now using our online membership application or download a PDF of the membership application and send it back to us.

If your organization is a supplier, manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler of a product or products that are purchased by hospitals or healthcare facilities, HISCI is your organization. HISCI is your opportunity to have a seat at the table in the ongoing dialogue to increase collaboration and efficiencies in the healthcare supply chain. This is the trade association focusing on the relationship between your company, GPOs, and their member Integrated Delivery Networks.

Are you currently working with a GPO?
We can make that relationship more efficient and help you maintain that relationship.HISCI members develop and share best practices, participate in educational activities, and network with others in the healthcare supply chain to serve as a true performance improvement organization.

Are you not currently working with a GPO?
You should be. Over $120 billion in annual purchasing volume comes through GPO contracts. HISCI can educate you on the value that GPOs bring to the supply chain and your company; we can help you get your foot in the door and grow your market share

HISCI also has a Service Provider member category for attorneys, consultants, publications, staffing firms, financial services, or other organizations operating within this section of the supply chain.

Why your company should joing HISCI:

HISCI offers education, networking, and collaboration that can't be received anywhere else.


  • Access to live and on-demand educational webinars
  • Member discounts at the National Pharmacy Forum
  • GPO 101 resources
  • Access to HISCI and partner-driven educational modules


  • A searchable HISCI Member Directory
  • An online career center


  • A seat at the table with GPO decision makers to work towards supply chain solutions, including HISCI initiatives on contracting, rostering, vendor credentialing, and more
  • Information on industry events and educational opportunities
  • Online discussion forums and social media connections
  • A HISCI presence and HISCI members-only benefits at national GPO events

Member Dues Levels

HISCI's affordable dues levels are based on annual sales revenue: 

Over 10 Million in Annual Sales Revenue:     $5,300
Between 5 Million and 10 Million in Annual Sales Revenue:     $3,500
Under 5 Million in Annual Sales Revenue:     $1,500

Affiliate Member Dues: $1,500