Vendor Credentialing

HISCI established the Vendor Credentialing Committee to continue working to streamline and align vendor credentialing requirements, thus reducing the burden on suppliers and healthcare providers. This committee will collaborate with the Consortium for Universal Healthcare Credentialing, which was incorporated in 2016 as the key, formal successor to the informal coalition that had worked on this issue in the past years.

General Information

The Vendor Credentialing Committee is open to all HISCI members (suppliers and service providers) in good standing.

The Committee will meet as needed via conference call and in person to advance the charge fo the committee. Committee direction and activity level will best established by the consensus of the members, and the expected time commitment is one (1) to three (3) hours per month.

Committee members shall adhere to HISCI's Antitrust Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy. Committee members agree to act in the best interests of not only HISCI, but insofar as is possible, also in the best interests of the industry's customers and consumers. Committee members will exercise ordinary and reasonable care in the performance of their duties, exhibiting honesty and good faith.

Committee Members: View Roster

The Vendor Credentialing Committee is open for additional members. To sign up to participate in the committee, please log into the Committees page in the Members Only section.

Committee Charter

Download the Vendor Credentialing Committee Charter here.