HISCI Membership

HISCI Membership

HISCI has two categories of members:

  • Industry Members - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Service Providers
  • Affiliate Members - Publications, Attorneys, Other Non-Profit Organizations and Other Organizations that do not qualify to be an Industry Member.

HISCI members are leaders in the healthcare sector, providing medical/surgical supplies, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, medical devices and a range of services. To see the list of HISCI members, visit the HISCI Members page.

Becoming a HISCI Member

HISCI is a collaborative association dedicated to improving and increasing efficiencies within the healthcare supply chain specifically for companies who work with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and their integrated delivery networks (IDNs).

HISCI provides a space for healthcare sector suppliers and service providers to develop consensus on critical issues, offers webinars and other educational programming, provides networking opportunities and other benefits. For more information on becoming a HISCI member, visit the Why Join HISCI? page.