Issues & Initiatives

HISIC is at the forefront of efforts to make it easier to do business in the healthcare supply chain and to make the supply chain more efficient. HISCI's committees are pursuing work for the benefit of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the healthcare supply chain. HISCI Committees accept new members on a rolling basis. If you would like to participate in the committee, please call HISCI at (202) 367-1185 or send HISCI an email at: info at

Contracting Committee
Evaluate contracting practices to identify opportunities to develop supply chain efficiencies. Additionally, the committee may undertake industry research and analysis to support the creation of best practices. The initial focus for activities in 2017 will be on updating and enhancing the HISCI Best Practices Roster.

Cross-Referencing Committee
Work closely with GPO representatives to link products and services to standard, uniform industry codes for easier cross-referencing.

Education Committee
Develop and present educational materials to HISCI members on topics that foster increased efficiency throughout the industry. This includes brainstorming topic ideas and identifying thought leaders.

Product/Inventory Codes Committee
Develop best practices to assist industry suppliers to meet the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) requirements and contribute to the definition of product attributes that must be provided for every GTIN.

Vendor Credentialing Committee
Continue working to streamline and align vendor credentialing requirements, thus reducing the burden on suppliers and healthcare providers. This committee will collaborate with the Consortium on Universal Healthcare Credentialing, which was incorporated in 2016 as the key, formal successor to the informal coalition that had worked on this issue in the past years.

Code of Ethics
Committee members shall adhere to HISCI's Antitrust Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy. Committee members agree to act in the best interests of not only HISCI, but insofar as is possible, also in the best interests of the industry's customers and consumers. Committee members will exercise ordinary and reasonable care in the performance of their duties, exhibiting honesty and good faith.