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Vendor Credentialing
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What is Vendor Credentialing?

Vendor Credentialing is the certification process a sales representative goes through to gain admittance to a hospital system. Within the United States, vendor representatives are not allowed to enter a hospital for business purposes unless they have the appropriate credentials from the hospital’s Vendor Credentialing Organization (VCO).  A VCO will either charge the vendor for their certification services on a per hospital basis or will charge them to join their Vendor Credentialing Database. Regardless of payment, the credentialing requirements for the vendor will still vary from hospital to hospital.

From the provider’s perspective, Vendor Credentialing is a necessary tool in ensuring the safety and well-being of their staff and patients. From the vendor’s point of view, the process is inefficient since the requirements per hospital vary.

What role does HISCI play?

HISCI became involved with the issue of Vendor Credentialing in 2008 when members requested that the organization work to make the process more efficient. HISCI formed a Vendor Credentialing task force and conducted a series of qualitative interviews. That research (accessible here) helped HISCI get involved with other industry associations to discuss the issue. HISCI has been actively involved in the planning for the annual Vendor Credentialing Summit.

What is the purpose of the Vendor Credentialing Summit?

Now in its fourth year, this event is a stakeholder-neutral forum where leaders in the healthcare industry discuss best practices for managing vendor credentialing in an atmosphere that allows for productive, collaborative discussion.

The Summit is open to hospital administration representatives, providers, vendors, suppliers, vendor administrators, vendor credentialing organizations, healthcare industry representatives and group purchasing organizations. To learn more about the 2013 Vendor Credentialing Summit click here.

Where can I go to learn more about Vendor Credentialing?

HISCI is a founding member of the Coalition for Best Practices in HCIR Requirements. The mission of the Coalition is to streamline the healthcare industry representative (HCIR) credentialing process for all stakeholders, while meeting the common goals of patient safety and confidentiality, through the development of industry recommendations and best practices. The Coalition has released a best practice on HCIR Credentialing and is the main driver behind stream lining the Vendor Credentialing process. Click here to learn more about the Coalition.