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HISCI Rostering Task Force

Click here to view the HISCI Best Practice Roster!


As of October 1, 2013, the HISCI Roster is now the only Roster that HealthTrust makes available to their vendor partners. 

Testimonials from HISCI member Covidien:

"I definitely think the HISCI roster has saved time in terms of researching customers, especially if you have to refer to different rosters outside of the GPO(s) you manage. The information is easier to search for, as it is uniform across all GPOs." - Ashley Finerty, Contract Specialist II   

"I use the HISCI roster for several GPOs. It’s convenient that we have GPO rosters that are formatted the same. It can make queries easier to design and the placement of the data is uniform so it’s easy to look at any GPO roster and easily search it." - Emily Johnson, Sr. Contract Specialist II  

"Personally, I believe having a standardized, industry-wide GPO roster format is a great idea.  Having all of the data represented in the same format makes overall maintenance and verification of membership more efficient.We are definitely on the right track!" – Kim Winship, Contract Specialist II

Dear Friends,

The HISCI Rostering Task Force is proud to announce the launch of its "Best Practice Roster!" Click here to view the Roster today. Thank you to our industry partners with the Committee for Healthcare eStandards for their input and collaboration on this Best Practice Roster. We also want to recognize the over 60 individuals who have contributed to this process over the past two years. To view a complete list of Rostering Task Force companies, please click here.

Your feedback is extremely important to us as we work to develop an industry best practice that represents the views of all supply chain representatives. Please read through this webpage, where you will find a "one-stop-shop" for information about GPO Rosters, what they are, how they affect your company, and what HISCI is doing to improve the process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please feel free to contact HISCI at 202.367.1185 or via email at [email protected] should you have questions or comments.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Rick Weinberg
HISCI Rostering Task Force

Background Information

A Roster is a GPO's official list of current members (i.e., healthcare facilities) with data fields that track customer identification, delivery addresses of goods, and fields for shipping addresses as well. At present, every GPO's Roster is unique. Rostering is the process by which GPOs and Suppliers organize and classify data elements to track that information. The objective of Rostering is to create a Best Practice Roster that defines data fields and terms consistently for all GPOs and hospital systems. Establishing uniform terms, information, and numbering will help suppliers and distributors track sales in a more accurate, efficient, timely, and cost effective manner.

In 2008, HISCI conducted research to identify areas of inefficiency within the healthcare supply chain industry. One of the biggest issues identified by suppliers is the current Rostering system. Mistakes and confusion often arise due to the different types of rosters used in the industry as well as information requirements. The purpose of the HISCI Best Practice Roster is to create a "Best Practice" that all segments of the healthcare supply chain will use. All of us want to be on the same page as we identify exactly who are our customers.

The HISCI Rostering Task Force met starting in January of 2009 to discuss, research, and address the concerns we all share. Comprised of Med Surg Companies, Distributors, and Pharma representatives, the task force represents a broad spectrum of the supply chain industry.

Throughout this process, HISCI has worked closely with our GPO partners via the Committee for Healthcare eStandards (CHeS), a subcommittee of the Health Industry Group Purchasing Association. CHeS fully supports the work of the HISCI Rostering Task Force and is committed to the development of an efficient and clear industry "Best Practice" on Rostering.

Important Notes on the HISCI Best Practice Practice Roster

  • The current "Roster” is a step toward greater standardization, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • The "Roster” is a living document that will continue to evolve over time as a result of implementation feedback and industry changes.
  • Our GPO partners with the Committee for Healthcare eStandards will revise their rosters to reflect the most recent Best Practice Roster.
  • Most of the GPO roster revisions went into effect on January 1, 2013.
  • We will continue working with our industry partners to amend and improve "Roster” standards as applicable.

Best Practice Roster Overview

During the development of the draft HISCI Best Practice Roster it became evident that the issues of Class of Trade and Parent-Child Relationships would require further examination and input before they could be standardized in the Best Practice Roster.

The Best Practice Roster standardizes field names and definitions for Rows 2-30. Rows 31-43 are optional.
The Add/Change/Delete Report will be provided seperately. A standardized sample is attached to the Best Practice Roster.

Each GPO has the option to add additional field names after Row 30 on their individual rosters.

Each field name is defined as Required/Option/As Applicable.

How to Submit Feedback

Your feedback is vital to this process and will be reviewed by the HISCI Rostering Task Force. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential. In an effort to simplify the review process, we have provided some sample questions below that we would like you and your company to consider when commenting on the Best Practice Roster. These are just suggestions and are not required. Click here to view the HISCI Best Practice Roster.

Sample Questions

Are there any fields missing from the Roster that are essential for your business?
Are there any fields that need to be eliminated?
What fields should be further defined?
What do you think of the order of the fields in the Roster? If you could change the order of anything what would you change?
Are there any fields listed that need to be phrased a different way?
Is there anything on the Roster that is confusing to you?
General comments
Class of Trade