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The Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute (HISCI) was founded in January of 2007, after its sister organization, Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA), decided to separate them into two different entities. Up until this time HSCA's membership was comprised of both group purchasing organizations and supplier companies. It became apparent, however, that HSCA should separate the two organizations to best serve the interests and needs of both the GPO and supplier communities. Thus, HISCI was formed to become an association dedicated solely to the improvement of the entire supply chain.

HISCI's membership is comprised of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and GPOs. This overlap was created to ensure suppliers that the strong networking benefits they experienced in HSCA would carry over into their HISCI membership. Both organizations are closely aligned, sharing many of the same staff and board members, and co-hosting the annual Healthcare Supply Chain Expo (formerly, the International Expo) and National Pharmacy Forum. Members of each group get access to discounted event registration rates, daily eNews updates, opportunities for networking and education, and interaction with the most influential players in the healthcare supply chain.

The beauty of this partnership lies in our ability to have unique goals, objectives, and mission statements, while partnering on many industry issues to find solutions that benefit all. Having a separate, sister organization enables HISCI members to focus on initiatives and programs that otherwise would not have occurred under HSCA. Both organizations enjoy similar benefits of membership, but as a standalone organization, HISCI can delve into specific issues affecting the entire supply chain community.

Our ultimate goal is so serve as a hub for all supply chain members, facilitate dialogue among them, and ultimately affect the cost and delivery of quality healthcare to the patient. Through partnership, collaboration, research, and education, we know that each organization will bring tangible solutions to the industry.